I record your memories for a lifetime

When my photography journey began I had no idea that it would become something that I just could not live without. I've done several things in my life and had fun doing them but nothing holds a candle to photography. I've always had a deep love for every and anything that had to do with childbirth, babies and children. At 17 I attended our local Jr. College and by the time I graduated from High School I was a Preschool Teacher to 17 four year olds. When I was 21 I also became a Massage Therapist for babies and bigger humans too, then my 2 year old daughter and I met and married my Husband Larry and he and I had 4 more babies. In 2012 a family friend and photographer asked me to become a photographer and help out with his non-profit organization and teach children about photography. Once again, it had to do with kids, I was all over it and I haven't looked back! Learning photography over the years has taught me so much about who I am, who I want to be and what I want to do. I am a documenter, a storyteller for children and families. My photographic style and processing is ever evolving and I love it! Thank you for the opportunity to document your children, your family and preserve your memories forever!

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